How to Participate in ShopliveX Affiliate Partner Campaign

How to Participate in ShopliveX Affiliate Partner Campaign

Published at Jun 17, 2024


Table of Contents

How to accept collab invites

As a creator, you will receive the ShopliveX collab invites in your email inbox.

ShopliveX target campaigin usually include 3 to 4 offerings:

  1. The flat-rate fee for 1 shoppable video. The flat-rate fee is evaluated and offered based on your TikTok account and E-commerce performance. Please note that flat-rate fee is offered only if the creator video performance meets certain standard. If your video performance boosts after a period, we’re guaranteed to lift the offering.

  2. The free sample product for the targetd affiliate campaign.

  3. The targeted commission fee, which is equal to or above the standard commission fee.

  4. Extra Ad commissions, which is offered when we place Ads behind high-quality potential videos.

The creator steps for the collab

STEP1: Accepting or rejecting the collab invites

If you agree to accept the collab invites, you can reply with your shipping & billing information. And we’ll reply with the final agreement and deliver the sample product. In case that you do not agree with the collab invites, the collab will not continue.

STEP2: Aadd sample to your showcase, receive the sample product, and shoot the video

Before you start, you need to click our targeted affiliate link in original email to add the product to your TikTok showcase and later to your shoppable video.

Upon receiving the sample product, you’re supposed to start the video shooting plan with the help of shooting scripts by ShopliveX. We usually provide shooting scripts and recommended videos for your reference. This is key to maximize your video views and engagement. Your creative ideas are also encouraged to reach high performance.

After you post the video, you can reply the original email with the video link and Ad code. We will pay the flat rate to your billing account within 3-5 working days.

STEP4: Receive commission

After you post the video, you can check your affiliate orders and withdraw from TikTok. Click the ”>” button next to the commission amount to enter the transaction page. Note that the commission is paid after the transaction is finished after 15 days.