TikTok Affiliate Program vs Partner Campaign

TikTok Affiliate Program vs Partner Campaign

Published at Mar 16, 2024


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Is there a minimum commission rate that I must set in order to participate on Affiliate?

No, the commission rate you decide to set is entirely up to you, however 0% commission rates are not allowed on the platform.

Is there a minimum requirement of stock levels I must hold in order to participate on TikTok Shop?

No, there is no minimum inventory level required

Are samples required to participate in the affiliate program?

Sellers are not required to offer samples to creators. However, samples are always encouraged as a way to help creators promote quality content and show your product in use.

What are the differences between the plan options available on TikTok Shop Affiliate?

The differences in plans depend on creator coverage, product coverage and commission settings.

What’s the difference between open collaboration and target collaboration?

  • A Target Collaboration allows Sellers to invite certain Creators to promote specific products on their behalf. Creators can begin promoting products immediately after accepting your invitation.
    Benefits: Allows Sellers to invite and cooperate with specific Creators who can help promote specific products and generate more sales.

  • An Open Collaboration allows Sellers to make their products visible for promotion to all TikTok Shop Creators. Benefits: Allows Sellers to make their products visible to all TikTok Shop Creators, increasing the pool of Creators who are able to promote your products.

What’s the relationship between open collaboration and target collaboration?

Each product can be set up on multiple collaborations at the same time, but Creators will only be paid one commission rate per product. The Target collaboration commission rate will always supersede the Open collaboration commission rate, so it is recommended to set a higher commission rate for Target collaborations.

Driving more sales with Partner Campaigns

Sellers can join Partner Campaigns to drive more sales through Affiliate. With a Partner Campaign, you outsource the campaign creation and management to a partner such as an agency. These partners do the work of finding relevant creators for a campaign, engaging the creators to participate, and managing their commission payments. Once you register products to a Partner Campaign, the partner can choose to accept or reject your product registration. If accepted, then the partner will share your products with a set of creators, who can then add the products to their showcase for promotion. By participating in a Partner Campaign, you can drive more sales.