What is a TikTok Agency Partner?

What is a TikTok Agency Partner?

Published at Mar 9, 2024


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Why TikTok Ads?


Help millions of customers discover your business

Reach millions of potential customers


Hook your audience with a variety of unique shopping experiences

Create authentic interactions with customers through TikTok LIVE and video formats

Convert: Maximize sales with smart campaigns

Leverage fully-integrated signals to get in front of shoppers with high purchase intent

What is a TikTok Agency Partner?

TikTok Agency Partner is full-service agency driving TikTok ad campaigns from start to finish. The partner help develop creative assets, manage ad spend, and measure the impact of TikTok ads.

The benefits of working with full-service agency:

  1. Develop TikTok campaign strategies by consulting with agencies with a proven track record.

  2. One-stop shop for advertisers across marketing objectives, from driving upper-funnel awareness to lower-funnel conversions.

  3. Benefit from streamlined workflows and improved operational efficiency across media and creative teams at these

Why should I work with a Partner?

Limited budget? Aggressive goals? Don’t worry! Partners have a diverse range of industry expertise and help marketers get started, grow their strategy, and find repeatable success on TikTok.

How do I work with a partner?

Partner solutions range from SaaS and full-service to hybrid models. Partners offer flexible ways of working together to hit goals and maximize budget.