Best Practices for Avoiding TikTok Content Violations

Best Practices for Avoiding TikTok Content Violations

Published at Jun 10, 2024


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What are Content Violations?

Before we talk about content violations, we should understand the Content Policies. Creator and content policies are the rules that govern TikTok Shop content in livestreams and short videos. These policies is to promote a positive and safe shopping experience for TikTok Shop users.

Internally, TikTok use multiple methods to detect and verify suspected violations against content policies. The level of enforcement actions taken against a creator will depend on the severity and frequency of the relevant violations of the policies.

How are creators notified?

Creators or sellers may receive a violation for not adhereing to TikTok Shop’s Content Policies. By clicking into the violation details, we can make a quick review including:

  1. The reason for the violation
  2. The consequence of the violation.
  3. Suggestions for avoiding future violations

If a creator or seller believes an enforcement action was taken against them in error, they can appeal through Creator Center by raising a ticket.

During lives, creators will see a warning pop-up like the image below. This warning must be acknowledged. If the same behavior is repeated, an action violation may be issued (i.e, violation points and enforcement actions)

The creator will also see the violation notifications after a livestream.

What are the Top Content Policies?

  • Minor Safety
  • Prohibited Product Promotion (i.e, Weight Loss and Supplements)
  • Unoriginal Content
  • Misleading or False Content
  • Auctions and Price Manipulation
  • Redirecting Traffic
  • Gambling & Gamification
  • Still Frame Content
  • Irrelevant Product Promotion
  • Shocking and Sensational Content

What should creators / sellers do when they get a violation?

If creators/sellers believe that an enforcement action has been taken against them in error, please follow the process below:


  2. File an in-app appeal to TikTok Shop, who will then investigate the case and take the corrective actions where applicable.

  3. Alert your TikTok Shop point of contact

How to request an appeal?

To submit an appeal on the TikTok app, select “Creator Tooks > TikTok Shop for Creators > Account standing > Click the specific violation > Appeal > Submit”, which is shown in below image.

Best Practices for Avoiding Policy Violations


  • Provide new perspectives by filming in different places.
  • Keep your environment organized and appealing.
  • Be honest, transparent, and genuine when you promote and interact with the products.
  • Create a welcoming environment through your voice, tone, background, and interactions with other people on screen.
  • Make sure anything shown in your background is intentional. Remove any items, such as trash cans or empty cups, that you don’t want your audience to associate with your product
  • Make sure you speak clearly and any text on the screen can be easily read and understood.
  • Provide all the product information, such as the product’s overall price and shipping and service fees—up front.
  • Demonstrate how to use the product so that customers understand how it works.
  • Create truthful content that’s relevant to the products you’re promoting.
  • Encourage customers to buy your product directly on TikTok Shop.
  • Focus on healthy habits and positive body image.


  • Avoid using inappropriate language, including profanity and derogatory language.
  • Don’t create content that contains gore, violence, or footage that might induce discomfort or distress.
  • Avoid creating content that could be interpreted as vulgar or sexuallysuggestive, such as nudity or promotion of items used in an explicit manner.
  • Don’t engage in cruel, dangerous, or sensational activities that could be harmful to yourself, other sellers or customers, or animals.
  • Don’t target minors in your content, including ads or any material that could negatively impact their safety or exploit them.
  • Don’t engage in spam, fraud, or deceptive tactics to manipulate traffic, fake engagement, or direct users away from TikTok Shop.
  • Don’t promote unhealthy body image, unrealistic ideals, or quick-fix products related to weight control or management on TikTok Shop.