TikTok LIVE: UI and Functions of Viewers

TikTok LIVE: UI and Functions of Viewers

Published at Jun 2, 2024


Table of Contents

View Streamer info

Tap streamers’ profile photos to see detailed information such as how many followers and likes and tap “Follow” to follow the shop.

Comments section

Buyers can leave comments in comments section to interact with streamers.

Share LIVEs

Viewers can tap “Share” to get a link to LIVE and post it on other social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and so on.


Viewers can purchase virtual coins and exchange them for virtual gifts which can be sent to hosts they like.

Q&A during LIVE

Buyers can hit the icon with question mark to ask questions.

Place orders

STEP1: Hit the icon of shopping care in the bottom-left corner of the screen to view products; or click “Buy” on the card of the product being promoted.

STEP2: Select products you want and tap “Buy”.

STEP3: Decide product’s specifications like color, size and quantity and tap “Buy now”. Then, enter your address and select your payment method to place orders.

STEP4: Hit the three dots at the upright corner in the page of “Me”—tap “Orders” to view status of orders or get after-sales services.

Bullet comments of placing orders

When buyers are on the checkout page, a bullet comment will pop up showing “XX is placing an order” on screens of both seller-end and buyer-end.