TikTok MCN in USA Market: The 2024 Business Trend

TikTok MCN in USA Market: The 2024 Business Trend

Published at Mar 18, 2024


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What is TikTok MCN?

Multi-Channel Network (MCN) incubate and support creators within the TikTok Shop ecosystem. This type of partner supports creators in various aspects, including shoppable video content creation, shoppable livestream operations, and creator-product matchmaking for affiliate programs.

Benefits of Being Part of ShopliveX

As MCN in USA market, ShopliveX provides custom guidance and creator training for achieving fast growth. ShopliveX members gain access to exciting collaboration opportunities with renowned sellers and brands. This opens doors to innovative and mutually beneficial partnerships.

In addition, MCNs like ShopliveX also provide guidance and mentoring to creators in growing their TikTok accounts. The team of professionals involved with MCNs at ShopliveX will provide advice, strategy, and support in optimizing content, understanding ongoing trends, and implementing best practices to achieve success in this booming industry.

2024 is an exciting year for TikTok MCNs, like ShopliveX, as the business continues to grow and become a significant trend in the digital world. As more brands realize the potential of TikTok as an effective marketing platform, the demand for creative talent that can produce engaging content is also increasing.

ShopliveX, as one of the Top TikTok Shop MCN USA With more than 800 content creators, 60 top brands, and generating GMV sales transactions of around 20 million dollars USA throughout 2023, ShopliveX has built a reputation as a leading agency that connects TikTok talents with top brands.

To the beginning of 2024, the video hashtag #shoplivex on TikTok has reached more than 1 billion. ShopliveX has become the Top MCN TikTok Shop in USA with over 800 creators under ShopliveX.