What Long-Form Tiktok Videos Mean For Brands?

What Long-Form Tiktok Videos Mean For Brands?

Published at Mar 2, 2024


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What does this mean for brands?

Snackable content remains supreme on TikTok, and brands shouldn’t feel pressured to adopt the extended format simply because it’s available. The decision to create longer videos should hinge on the content itself.

Here are a few factors to consider when determining the appropriate length:

Complexity: Does your storyline necessitate a longer duration to convey its message effectively?

Creators: Is the creator capable of holding viewers’ attention for an extended period?

Editing: Will the content retain audience interest throughout its duration?

Transformational Content: Does your video offer a unique twist that breaks away from TikTok’s typical rhythm, captivating viewers in a positive manner?

If your response to these questions is affirmative, experimenting with longer TikTok videos might align with your brand strategy. However, if not, adhering to the original format is advisable.